Watercolor Parasaurolophus Head Tutorial

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Hi Awesome People!
I made the first painting of the Parasaurolophus, and I was decently pleased with it – especially since it was my first dinosaur painting and I was trying to hit a speed goal. However, the anatomy just wasn’t quite good enough for me.

Granted, getting reference for dinosaurs is tricky since it’s all conjecture. However, I decided that I wanted to give it another go for the head.

Here’s the outline from the first painting.


After examining more sources – mostly skeletons and 3d models, I developed this.


I took special care around the nostrils, eyes, mouth, and neck muscle origins.

Then I prepped it for printing and watercolor as described in the Rabbit Tutorial

The following morning, I set up my table for painting. I have a travel set of watercolors, cheap brushes, arches hot press paper, bic pens, and a smudge guard for my hand. I also have black tea and filtered water to drink.
Here’s my first ink pass. I’ll go back in again once the paint is down.
The best part about dinosaurs is making up their colors. Mine is based on the Caiman Lizard.
I start laying down the basic colors in light washes.
Then I start adding in markings and darker colors.
Now I’m adding in the purple/blue shadows.
Using a white pen, more bic pen and colored pencils, I added more shadow and scale detail.
Finally I added a blue background and brightened the crest up a bit. Then I brought it back on photoshop for some touch ups and here’s the final dino!

If you’d like to try this out but need supplies, check out my supply page here: My Supplies

Thanks so much for being my patron! I hope this helps you and that you make awesome dinosaur paintings.
*If you do, show meeee! 🙂


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