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Big things are happening and I would like to all to come see!

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I finally have a Patreon page for my new book – Seen and Unseen: Observations in the Panama Wilderness.

If you like science, art, history, and fantasy, then there is going to be all sorts of great stuff for you here. Even patrons of $1.00 or more a month will get the chance to win a custom illustration of any animal or creature he or she wants.

If you like learning about the process of illustration and/or writing, then there’s going to be a lot on my Patreon page for you as well.

All patrons will have access to my activity feed were I will be posting my drawing and painting process, and any interesting scientific facts that I find a long the way. Creature design, animal anatomy, page layouts, and sketching techniques will all be discussed here.

My patrons get to read my book early! Patrons pledging $5.oo or more a month will get an advanced copy in black and white.

Patrons of $10 a month will receive a pdf of my entire first draft, my editor’s suggestions, and my second draft after that. (If I need to keep revising after that, I’ll keep sending more pdfs too.) You will get to see exactly how this book was written from an outline on index cards to final product.

Click the dog button below to join in! I hope to see you there. I have so much cool stuff you show you.
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If you’d like to help me create this book, and eventually launch a career as a freelance artist, but can’t support me finically, would you mind telling your friends about me? Shares and referrals are worth their weight in gold.

As always, I’ll be posting free stuff on my twitter feed. Stop by! I’d love to see you there. Lets talk about art, animals, and adventures.

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