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For those who want to stop drawing the same old stuff from image search, I’m hosting a number of extremely hard to get reference image packs on my new Gumroad page. Click the colorful links in the boxes to go directly to a reference pack.


A few of the image packs will be:

The Cosmonaut Museums in both Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia
I needed to pay extra to be allowed to take photos, so most of these images aren’t online anywhere else. Pack includes space suits from many countries, engines, parts of rockets, scaled models, and a lot more. Tons more actually, this pack is amazing.

The Luray Caverns in Virginia
See all sorts of stalagmite and stalactite formations and underground lakes. I grabbed as many images from as many angles as I could of this amazing place of natural beauty. Great for unique Virtual Plein Air (VPA) studies or concept art pieces.

Tall Ships in Boston
The Tall Ships came to Boston and I went to see them! There are mostly close-ups of parts of the ship. Great for learning about ships and creating detailed studies of them.

The Panama Canal and Canal Museum
I took a boat through the canal on its 100th birthday! These are all the images of the canal, the locks, the massive machinery used to maintain it, the electric mules, giant tanker ships, and the land around it all. There are images from inside the locks! This a very unique set of images because you can study scenery and machinery all at the same time. Additionally, this is the last year that the Panama Canal was the original canal, they have since expanded it to accommodate larger ships.

But just a reminder, I have lots more reference packs available on my profile page

These four packs are just my start. Expect literally dozens more from Russia*, a few more from Panama, Shenandoah National Park, Congaree National Park, Glacier National Park, and even more than that.

* In Russia, we averaged 3 museums a day. I have loads of stuff to share, and like I said, most of these, I haven’t seen anywhere else online.

I like to travel and learn about animals, art, science, and history. These images reflect that and if you like those same things, I think these reference packs will be extremely fun to work with. Please follow me below so you don’t miss a new reference pack and if you do use them to create something, please let me know!

What’s Gumroad?
Gumroad is a place were I can sell digital and physical items. You are able to pay my minimum price or tack on a donation for any higher amount. Simply use PayPal to pay and download the item. Eventually my book, Seen and Unseen, will be available on Gumroad, so please sign up for my mailing list to be notified.


I’m using reference image similar to the ones found here for my new book Seen and Unseen, which is on Patreon. now! My activity feed, which only takes $1.oo a month to unlock lets you see full illustrations, read the copy early, and win prizes.

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If you’d like to help me create this book, and eventually launch a career as a freelance artist, but can’t support me finically, would you mind telling your friends about me? Shares and referrals are worth their weight in gold.

As always, I’ll be posting free stuff on my twitter feed. Stop by! I’d love to see you there. Lets talk about art, animals, and adventures.

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