Battle stations!

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I was asked where I worked, so here’s the low down on my battle stations. 🙂

Main Desk Area
I do have a nice cintiq. It was an amazing birthday, Christmas, anniversary present. I would have never bought it for myself but now that I have one, I can say, “Yes, it’s worth every bit. I love it to death.”


I have a second monitor because I hate working without one. It feels like working in the Stone Age. I’d recommend a second monitor even it’s a cheap, crappy one.

My desk is a table from Ikea. It’s two metal legs and black particle board on top. It’s wonderfully big, and fits the space perfectly. However, the edges of the table were super sharp so I put baby bumpers on the edges.

I keep a lot of sharpies, pens, knives, tape, and the like behind the monitors. I got the tiny storage boxes from Amazon and the rest I had left over from other desk setups.
20160604_131703096_iOS (1)

I keep art-grade supplies in this chest: conte, watercolors, pens, ink, pencils, erasers, small sketchbooks, colored pencils. It holds a lot and it’s fancy.

Muscle guy lives behind me. Drinks also are placed behind me and away from electronics.
20160528_145335552_iOSThe rose is from Tom 🙂

Sketch Nest
I go here when I get sick of working on a computer. Most of my thumbnails are created right here.

The green lap table is an awesome investment. I used to draw with the sketchbook right on my lap, and it was okay, but this is like deluxe sketching. I can’t go back.

I also journal and write on my laptop here.

The little cow* is a therapy stuffed animal and can be used as a heat or cold pack. He smells like lavender, and I use him to mend gym injuries or to put myself to sleep. His name is “Warm Cow”, and he’s next to “Flower Bear” and “Giant Bear”.

I very good at naming things. The best.

It’s super comfy and relaxed. On Fridays, I usually drink a glass of red wine or a Manhattan while drawing here too. The colder it gets, the more blankets I add to it, so it can be quite “nest – like”, hence the name.

* After years of loyalty, I have replaced warm cow with warm dino. The cow was looking a little worse for wear after the dog chewed his foot and I kept reheating him despite it.

Nomad Art Satchel

I have said it a million times by now, and I’ll say it again, “I love my Nomad”

This is my basic setup
nomad art satchel ready for a trip to the zoo and containing pens, markers, ear buds, recycled paper sketchbook, conte pencils, and sharpies Image created by Sarah Dahlinger

However, I experiment all the time with it. Recently, I’ve added a homemade watercolor set in an Altoid’s tin and a collapsible doggie dish for my watercolor water.

I also clip a water bottle to my belt.
water bottle clipped to a belt

It’s so easy to use, and it can go anywhere!

drawing niagara falls at sunrise with a nomad art satchelNiagara Falls – Ontario, Canada

sarah dahlinger wearing a nomad art satchel and smiling next to the electric eel tank at the new england aquariumNew England Aquarium – Boston, MA

Shenandoah valley sketch on a nomad art satchelShenandoah National Park – Luray, Virgina

Let’s see your battle stations! Post your link in the comments below.

Here are a few of things I mentioned above. These are affiliate links, so if you use them, I’ll get a small commission, which is a super awesome way to to say, “thanks for the posts!”.

Have a great day!

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  1. Lorena says:

    These are all so good! I love the Sketch Nest 🙂 I need to draw on the go more often, so I might have a look at the Nomads!

  2. Anthony Carey says:

    Cool setups, I have very similar setups minus the beautiful 27 inch cintiq.

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