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  • Seen and Unseen

    I’m the author and illustrator for Seen and Unseen: Observations in the Panama Wilderness. It’s a historical fiction set deep in the Panamanian rainforest. Follow Sam Hildebrand, an ichthyologist, during his adventure through mud and magic as he tries to complete the 1911 Smithsonian Biological survey.

  • Illustration & Vector Graphics

    Whether is a vector graphic of our circulatory system, the anatomy of a frog, a painting of the rainforest, or a drawing of a monster, I can produce a wide variety of 2D art. Organic shapes, anatomy, creatures, animals, scientific study, and medical study are the areas in which I tend to focus.

  • 3D & 2D Game Assets

    I specialize in low-poly 3D models, hand painted textures, and vector art. I’m skilled in working with low polycounts and limited space. I also have experience in retopology, scheduling, and outsourcer management.

  • Web & Mobile Design

    From the medical industry to the games industry, I have created effective, user-friendly designs that get the user to the critical information or fun that they need as soon as possible.

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